WORDPRESS Protest!!!!!!

Hi all………

This is crazy after few weeks looking for solution on “Page” management with wordpress I finally giveup!! been talked to people about it and they said there is NO solution to it. well what can I say, all I want its just simple!!! I want to do is to put each topic on my wordpress to have each “page” so it can be shown on page. and on each pages i want to put some sort of sub “page” which will also appears on parent pages as “post”
this is getting crazy how come the wordpress didnt recognize it as “must have” function!!

Thus  I have to be creative on organize my blog thus i come up with solution of converting my “page” into “category” even though it will confuse the readers…. shhu… thats the best think i can do with so called “well organized web Blog”

Any way thansk for stoping by and have a nice day



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