Bird Flu Inspires PC Virus

Security vendor warns of attachments disguised as information about avian flu.

John Blau, IDG News Service

Virus writers, forever in search of opportunities to distribute their malicious code, are exploiting interest in the avian flu by circulating an e-mail with an attachment that contains information about the bird flu epidemic–and a Trojan horse tucked inside.

The Naiva.A Trojan horse masquerades as a Word document with subject lines such as “Outbreak in North America” and “What is avian influenza (bird flu)?”

“Using the bird flu is a very clever way of drawing attention and enticing those PC users less knowledgeable or concerned about security to open the attachment,” said Jeanine Rother, a virus researcher at the German subsidiary of Panda Software, which is based in Spain. “Although users are constantly being told not to open attachments from unknown sources, some are likely to ignore these warnings because of their interest in the epidemic and potential threat to their own lives.”

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