Wipe clean your computer from “donal Bebek” virus

The virus was created with the VB programming language which sometimes detected as “VbWorm.QXE” one of the charateristic of this virus it contains “Bulu Bebek”

this virus hides folder/subfolder on your flashdisk and make duplication file with the same name, this is done to trick the user.  to do manual clean up follow these step below:

  1. Unhook the computer from your network either wireles or cable LAN.
  2. Disable your “system restore”
  3. Get Cprocess by clicking the link. use the Cprocess to kill the virus process running on your memmory, choose the one with “Folder” Icon.
  4. then get the repair.inf by clicking the link download the link and right click then install.
  5. Find and erase duplicate file which made by the virus. if you cant find the file then use the “folder optio” feature to “show hidden file and folder.” then erase file with characterized which has: icone folder with 53 KB size files, with .exe extension, and “Application” file type.
  6. in order to reveal back the hidden file or folder go to command line windows. ¬†Choose the drive where your flashdrive is then type ATTRIB -s -h -r /s /d then hit “enter”.
  7. to optoimized the wipe you should have your antivirus updated and do scan each day

I hope this information will help you…