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Information and Communication Technology professional experienced working in multicultural and fast paced environments having strong organizational, analytic, technical, and interpersonal skills. Uphold Trustworthy, ethical, transparency, accountability, participatory and professionalism values.

Capacities Includes:

  • Proven track-record for problem solving and decision making (problem definition, potential cause of problems, alternative to approach problems, plan implementation of best feasible alternative, monitor plan implementation, verification of problem resolution).
  • Proven superiority in service delivery by using Plan-Do-Check-act cycle.
  • Designing, developing and monitoring SOP’s.
  • Researching and analysing of IT needs (research design, execution, and formulation profiling and needs recommendation).
  • Planning and projection of ICT related resources (people, hardware and software)
  • Coordinating effectively with people at all level of capacity.
  • Maintaining, filling and data archiving of Project Document.
  • Developing curiculum for ICT in-house training.
  • tracking and maintaining ICT related Inventory.
  • Liaising and negotiating with stakeholder on ICT needs and deliverables.
  • Designing and implementing nation-wide project of rapid reporting using SMS.
  • Supervising IT related service contract and procurement.
  • Developing Public Service Communication strategy.
  • Developing communication tools on public service campaign (through script writting of video, printing, and radio).
  • Networking  (Ethernet, Switches, router Structured Wiring, Wireless Access Point, WIFI, Bluetooth).
  • Hands on of website and database administering.
  • Assisting the advocacy of transparancy on public policy.
  • Advocating for accountable public service delivery
  • Developing of citizen feedback mechanism in health center.
  • Developing dashboard indicator on health facilities.

Experience Highlights:

Information Communication Technology:

  • Contributing in Development and preparation of the ASEAN wide yearly workplan to be endorse by the ASEAN Telecommunications Senior Officials Meeting.
  • Developing communication strategy (online and offline) for Maternal and Neonatal Health specifically for Banten Province, Indonesia.
  • Publication production; producing video, radio and printing publication for public service messages.
  • Administering Facebook fanpage and twitter for social media awareness of maternal and neonatal health in Banten Province, Indonesia.
  • Computer operation and troubleshooting windows based client server (XP, ME, 2000, Vista, seven, MS Server 2003, MS Server 2010)
  • Designing, writing and implementing IT based Standard Operating Procedure for IT related activities.
  • Networking  (Ethernet, Switches, router Structured Wiring, Wireless Access Point, WIFI, Bluetooth).
  • Supervising and assisting IT related service contract and procurement.
  • Hands on of website and database designing, development and administering.
  • Designing and implementing nation-wide project of rapid reporting using IT enabled resources.
  • Designing, writing and implementing disaster recovery and mitigation SOP

Public Policy:

  • Assisting advocacy of transparency on public policy (health service).
  • Monitoring and assisting of clinical governance in health facilities.
  • Advocating for accountable public service (health service) delivery
  • Developing of citizen feedback mechanism in health center.
  • Developing dashboard indicator on health facilities.

Managerial & Supervision:

  • Managing ASEAN wide ICT related programmes /projects  including its Dialogue Partner such as China, Japan, Republic Of Korea, India, European Union and International Telecommunication Union.
  • Managing resource mobilization from ASEAN Dialogue Partners (China/Japan/ROK/India/EU/ITU) to the ASEAN Member Country needs.
  • Oversaw all project operations including budget estimation, procurement projection, specification preparation, vendor liaison, service contract preparation, facility maintenance, IT equipment maintenance, asset tracking, asset inventory and supply maintenance.
  • Taking lead, Liaise, coordination and monitoring of third party vendor in activities related to Information Technology.
  • Designed TOR and resolved in sub-ordinate recruitment, hiring, training, supervising and division of work.
  • Handling complaints of internal and external in the IT fields.
  • Implement PlanDoCheckAct cycle where necessary to elevate superior service quality to internal and external customer.
  • Proven track record on problem solving and decision making by: Problem Definition; creating success indicators, Identifying Potential Cause of Problems; gathering input from others perspectives, Identification of alternatives for approaching the problem; brainstorming all feasible solution to the problems, Select Approach to Problem Solving; selecting best approach by considering ethics ,risk and culture corporate, Implementation of Best Alternates; taking into consideration possibilities to the approach taken, Monitor Implementation of Plan; monitor the success indicators, Verify whether the problems Has been Solved, lesson learnt taken from the problems shall be documented.

Training and Development:

  • Building capacity of the project proponents to be on par with project management manual and ensure implementation of projects/programmes compliance in accordance to the ASEAN standard.
  • Developing ICT curriculum for in-house training
  • With guidance of Project  Manager develops  effective basic MS office training programmes in conjuction with other department within the organization.
  • With guidance of Chief Technical Advisor and National Project  Coordinator develops effective training programme and material to nation-wide animal-health services to use rapid reporting by using IT enable resources.
  • Organizing and conducting induction training for all new employees to use the project intranet services and other ICT related technology.

Administrative Support:

  • Monitor and evaluate the funds disbursement of the ASEAN ICT Fund and ASEAN-Japan ICT Fund in compliance with the project management manual
  • Facilitate and serve ASEAN wide meetings up to ministrrial level meetings between ASEAN Member States and with its Dialogue Partners.
  • Performed administrative support function for project personnel of Food Agriculture Organization of United Nations (Community Early Warning and Early Response of Avian Influenza in Indonesia Project, funded by USAID, AUSAID and Japan Trust Fund) The position performs a full range of clerical duties for the project; provide support during training, seminar, meetings and assists field offices with finance/administrative work.
  • Managing, preparing and arranging workshop/seminar/meetings with needed supplies. Ensure proper arrangement of office logistic, material, filling system and inventory recording regularly up-dated. Produce regular report to keep track of all inventories. Ensure proper hotel booking, transport preparation and security clearance.
  •  Ability to work in irregular time, fast pace and under pressure. Good negotiation skill with stakeholders.
  • Assisting the organization with proper delivery of billings in timely fashion to avoid unnecessary delays of cash reimburstment, billing payment, and hotel invoices.
  • Assisted field offices with general accounting of budget estimation, petty cash, travel report, travel plan and liquidation cash advance and prepare the balance statement.
  • Proven track record of good negotiation skills.

Employment History:

  • October 2013- current, Technical Officer ICT, ASEAN Secretariat. 
  • January 2012- October 2013, ICT Officer, USAID Grantee EMAS (Expanding maternity and NeoNatal Survival), Research Triangle Institute. Working with community in developing and designing ICT infrastructure to intervene / decrease mother and neo natus mortality by 25%. Developing with community 3 big pillars of ICT usage for SMS based, web and social media skills improvement, developing citizen gateway feedback mechanism and developing SMS based referral system.
  • January 2007– January 2012, Sr. Information Technology Officer, Food Agriculture Organization of United Nations. (Emergency Country Transboundary Animal Disease Project, funded by The USAID, AUSAID and The Worldbank). Information Technology Support assistant and later on Sr. Information Technology Officer of US$ 11 Million/year Avian Influenza Control Program.
  • July 2006-December 2006, Admin Clerk, Food Agriculture Organization of United Nations (Community Early Warning and Early Response of Avian Influenza in Indonesia Project, funded by USAID, AUSAID and Japan Trust Fund) The position performs a full range of clerical duties for the project; provide support during trainings and assists in the LDCC finance/administrative work.
  • July 2005-June 2006, Managing Partner, Indonusa Career Center (Universitas Indonusa Esa Unggul). The position performs a full range of managerial and clerical duties for organizing and supporting meeting, trainings and workshop; providing meeting material (Agenda’s, discussion papers, meeting reports and outcome, following up meeting with related parties as necessary). Data, document and records maintenance of each meetings. Negotiation and arrangement of meeting output to related stakeholder.
  • 2003-2006, Owner, Meta Integrasi Telematika. This position performs full range of operational duties of internet cafe.including trouble shooting, decision making, efficiency, developing business SOPs, develop workflow, developing business operating system to keep the cost down and increase in revenue.

Education and Training:

Formal Education INSTITUTION
2013 – current Pursuing Certified in the Governance of Enterprise of Information Technology (CGEIT)
2009-2012 Trisakti University, Magister Management, majoring Corporate Social. Thesis: “Correlation between perceived core organizational values and CSR on IT proffesional in Indonesia”
2001-2004 WalesUniversity, Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration graduated with honors degree.
2000-2001 MonashCollege, Melbourne (Business Information System)
1999-2000 Uniprep, Jakarta (foundation year)
1996-1999 SMUN 70, Jakarta

Seminar Attended and certificate hold:

  • “Capital Market: Product, Application and Analysis”. Jakarta, 18 November 2003
  • “Demographic Changes and its affects to International Business”. Jakarta, 16 September 2004
  • “First INCITE-AI Summit”. Bali 7-9 June 2010 “Mini-Workshop on State-of the-Art ICT Applications for Monitoring and Management of Avian Influenza (AI) in Indonesia”, Jakarta 16 June 2009.
  • The 3rd International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility “Building Multi Sector Partnerships for Sustainable Development”, Jakarta, 29-30 September 2010
  • “Application of Mapping of Socioeconomic for CSR Program”, Bandung, 2009
  • United Nations Basic Security Training in The Field, 2010
  • United Nations Advance Security Training, 2010
  • “Molecular and Antigenic Analysis: an OFFLU Introductory Workshop (BioInformatics)”, Jakarta 3-7 November 2008, (OFFLU, The Food and Agriculture Organization, and The Australian Animal Helath Laboratory
  • United Nations Basic Security Training in The Field II, 2011

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