Pservermouse.exe manual removal

This morning my friend come to me with panic mode saying that his laptop is infected by virus pservermouse.exe. After doing some short research than i found that the virus is running on VB script. thus its need some attention to details on removing it manually. As I’ve tried to wipe it using AVG on safe mode but it does not pickup the virus. here is steps on wipe the virus off your system.

  1. go to safe mode, by pressing F8 on computer boot-up. then download repair.inf which will un hide the file containing “pservermouse.exe”.
  2. then search for “pservermouse.exe” all over your computer on all drive try to lookfor a while since they hide  in a lot of places (depends on the infection).
  3. open regedit (windows key -> run -> type “regedit” , then you should search in all category of any suspicious registry which contains “pservermouse” try to search several times until you are sure that n registry contains “pservermouse”.
  4. restart the computer then try to search the “pservermouse.exe” on the system ( but this time under windows running normally, NOT safemode.)
  5. Reinstall your antivirus and update them regularly to minimized threat of this virus.

hope this will help you guys..


4 Responses

  1. update..update.. just update your definition..
    hows life out there 😀

  2. ini ga bisa pake antivirus bro mesti manual removal hehehe………………!!!

  3. Hola,
    thanks for the tips 🙂

    • Hi there.. I hope you are well.. come again there’s NOT all here.. kindly checking in regularly for any Info OKAY..

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