want Windows XP on your Netbook? You can

Dear Readers, currently the existence of small format laptop has adored most of laptop users. How is that possible? Even though small format laptop specifications are not as complex as those full format laptops but it’s lightweight and the ability to accommodate daily computer activity has made this small format laptop to be one of the most expected gadget by those gadget lovers, besides if you try to browse the price tag are merely not as expensive as smart phone… 
Then the next question is how do those vendors slash the price of full format notebooks?? Well, the “small-format” notebook the name has define itself, it uses smaller LCD screen which ranging from 7″-8,9″ of diagonal length, slower processor, less battery life, do not includes the Operating system and most of them do not includes CD-Rom Bay in the package. By eliminating those features the small format notebook are considerably less expensive than the full-format one.

As the consequences, small format laptop owner can’t access the CD/DVD so they have to get an external optical drive which connects through USB cable.

However there is a downfall of “not having built-in optical drive”, if something wrong with the system then it would be tricky to do re-installation of an Operating System. Well this article will guide you on how to do Operating System installation from your own USB flash disk. Actually the process can be implemented on any computer not limited to small format laptop, however you have to make sure that the computer that you going to install has to be booted via USB features. It sounds flashy don’t you think??

If you think the process will takes an IT expert to do it then you’re wrong, it doesn’t take an expert to do re-installation, just put more confidence in you, as long as you follow what written below then you’ll be fine.

First, prepare all needed tools:

  • There is an application that you need to download (click here to download).
  • 2G USB flash.
  • Windows XP installation CD.
  • Computer, to transfer the XP installation CD into USB.

Follow the next steps on how to do it.

1. Plug-in your USB into one of Computer ports and please remember the drive of which the USB are designated on whether it is on E:, F: or G: (Computer which you need to transfer installation disk into USB and NOT the small-format one).

2. Insert windows XP Installation disk into the CD-Rom Bay, but when its doing an auto-run, stop it, and close everything.

3. I assume you have downloaded the above application that you need, extract them into a single folder call C:\ Flash disk. Then open the folder where you can find the application module.

4. run file called “usb_prep8.bat” by clicking it twice, then a command prompt window will appear on your desktop. Until the “pres any key to continue” command appears push any key to continue.

5. on the screen PEtoUSB will appears and it will ask to format your flash disk, there’s no need to change any setting at the moment just click start and it will start the formatting.

6. If the formatting process has done then close the PEtoUSB window but don’t close the command prompt window. Then on screen there will be option of 0 – 5.

7. Use option number 1. to choose the installation file source which will be copied into your Flash disk. Please make sure that you point out the correct drive from which you want to copy the source (well the CD-Rom is the best answer where you put the XP Installation disk).

8. Then choose option number 3 to determine in which drive you want to copy the installation file. If your Flash disk on drive E: then type E and ENTER.

9. Furthermore choose option number 4 to start the process of module making which going to be copied onto your flash disk. Just type Y or Yes and OK to complete the process.

Now you have a bootable flash disk ready to be use for your small format notebook installation, go to the BIOS and choose the first boot device the same device as your Flash drive which you have put the XP installation source file.

If you having difficulties of the process don’t hesitate to contact me through email I’ll be glad to help you..



4 Responses

  1. ini untuk apa ya ?

    mohon pencerahan

  2. ini buat install windows di NETBOOK yg kebanyakan punya keterbatasan di storage dan atau keberadaan CD-ROM tp keterbatasan itu dapat di eliminir dengan menginstall XP menggunakan CD-Rom heheh.. seperti garis besarnya… semoga berkenan

  3. ooo ini komputer2an yak.. ra mudeng ak rek..
    thx infonya, sangat berguna sekali..

  4. I clicked on (click here to download) and it does not work

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